We’re All Bundled Up!

Cthulhu Reborn are absolutely thrilled to announce that Mutable Deceptions, one of our non-free titles, is featured in the latest Bundle of Holding (“Bundle of Tentacles +4”). You can purchase the bundle at this page.

Mutable Deceptions 1 - Front Cover (400)

For those who are unfamiliar, the Bundles of Holding are really cool ways of buying a bunch of related gaming PDFs at reduced cost, and contributing money to charity at the same time. For the Bundle of Tentacles +4 the full list of goodies — all Call of Cthulhu related — that you will receive if you purchase the full bundle is as follows:

  • Tales of the Sleepless City: A collection of 1920s scenarios in New York City, also by Miskatonic River Press. A great book.
  • A Peculiar Pentad: An unusual sourcebook released by Super Genius games which details five curious NPCs which could form the core of a larger story.
  • Mutable Deceptions: Our PDF toolkit for making your very own authentic-looking 1920s newspaper clippings. Recently praised by the HPL Historical Society (the absolute legends of Lovecraftian prop-making).

This truly is an exceptional collection of Call of Cthulhu resources (and no, I am not just saying that because it includes my own humble product). Several of the titles in the bundle are among my picks of the very best books published in the last five years by any CoC publisher, so you really could do a lot worse for the $25 or so that the Bundle folks are asking. For reference, the normal price of all these items combined is about $107.

Plus … a cut of all profits from this bundle go to a cause which I personally support quite strongly: the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The Bundle of Tentacles +4 offer runs until Monday 14 November … so don’t wait too long. And the way the pricing works on the Bundles, there is an advantage to being an earlier purchaser rather than a late-adopter. So if you’re interested, consider grabbing it soon.

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