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All You Goblins, Show Your Faces

Well … it’s been a while since I last updated this blog. But rest assured my silence certainly does not mean that I haven’t been busy working on a range of exciting Cthulhu-related projects. Some of these are for (hopefully) free publication here on Cthulhu Reborn, but many are jobs for Chaosium and other Call of Cthulhu publishers. My post today is about one of these.

I’m sure by now that many people have heard about the “new kid on the block” in Call of Cthulhu publishing, Oscar Rios’ Golden Goblin Publishing. The flagship product which launched this new endeavour was a successful Kickstarter for a book called “Island of Ignorance (The Third Cthulhu Companion).” This book collects a miscellany of interesting source material along with five highly-regarded scenarios. On all fronts this is an excellent book. If you were a Kickstarter backer for a printer copy, you probably have yours by now — and if you weren’t a backer you can now buy a copy (either PDF or softcopy) direct from the Golden Goblin Store.

Now my role in this wonderful project was as the supplier of props/handouts for the various scenarios in the book. I made a gallery of these designs available a little while ago, after several folks expressed curiousity about what handout goodness they would get if/when they bought the book. Island of Ignorance - Consumption 1 - Massachusetts Drivers LicenseBut … the good folk over at Golden Goblin were also keen that these props be made available in PDF form, so that nobody need risk the spine of their beautiful book to photocopy handouts for their game. So today, I am happy to release — in conjunction with Golden Goblin — the “Islands of Ignorance” PDF prop pack.

You can download the prop pack for free using the link below. It spans to 26 pages and is a smidge over 14MB. Every prop from “Island of Ignorance” is presented here in higher-resolution/larger size than the versions included with the book itself. Plus, as an added treat for loyal goblins, you get each handout in two versions — one which is the basic prop design with minimal textures and fx, which the second is the textured versions. I hope you and your players enjoy these handouts …

  Island of Ignorance Prop Pack [26 pages, 14MB]



We here at Cthulhu Reborn always love hearing about the insane things folks do with our props/handouts/scenarios/character sheets. If you want to share something cool, feel free to send us a (Lovecraftian, ie eerily portentious) note using the form below.

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