Portfolio: Hawkins Papers (Dracula Dossier)

The Hawkins paper is an intriguing add-on to the wildly successful Dracula Dossier kickstarter run by Pelgrane Press. It is described as follows:

The original 1894 Operation Edom brief, key memos, secret military maps of Transylvania, précis of reports from Balkan battlefronts and German academies alike, surveillance photographs, and plans for the next century’s battle for control of the Un-Dead — these are the Hawkins Papers. Hidden away for 120 years, once they’re unlocked, you have eyes-only access to them! If we unlock this stretch goal, every backer gets the evocative, enigmatic — dare I say revelatory? — Hawkins Papers in PDF when we unlock a certain safe in Exeter …

The idea is to create a bunch of realistic looking prop documents, both in PDF form … and also as physical props for some higher level backers. My part in this endeavour is to create evocative designs for the documents (written by other, far more qualified folks :)).

Designs for a selection of the Hawkins Papers are shown below … hopefully these give some indication of the quality and scope of prop-support that have been given to the Dracula Dossiers. If the idea of using these in your game of Nights Black Agents (or, actually, in any game) appeals … go check out this page on Pelgrane’s website for more info. You can also buy the PDFs and/or books from there!

Meteorite Letter, 1891 (2 sides)

Hawkins Papers - Meteorite Letter, Front (texture)Hawkins Papers - Meteorite Letter, Back (texture)

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Typewritten Letter from “The X Club”, 1892 (4 sheets)

Hawkins Papers - Letter from X Club - Page 1Hawkins Papers - Letter from X Club - Page 2 (texture)
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Hawkins Papers - Letter from X Club - Page 3 (texture)Hawkins Papers - Letter from X Club - Page 4 (texture)
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First Letter to Dracula (1893)

Hawkins Papers - Original Letter to Dracula

Original Letter from Dracula (1893, 3 pages)

Hawkins Papers - Letter from Dracula, Page 1 (texture)Hawkins Papers - Letter from Dracula, Page 2 (texture)

Clear Divider 700x10
Hawkins Papers - Letter from Dracula, Page 3 (texture)


Second Letter to Dracula (1893)

This is a hand-written letter, formatted in the 19th Century style (where people made their letters as little “booklets” by folding pages in half). Hopefully this little piece of historical accuracy isn’t too distracting to a modern reader … in case it’s not obvious, in the images below the ordering of “pages” is as follows — the first image has Letter Page 4 on the left and Letter page 1 on the right; the second image has Letter Page 2 on the left and 3 on the right.

Hawkins Papers - Second Letter to Dracula p1&4 (texture)Hawkins Papers - Second Letter to Dracula p2&3 (texture)


Handwritten Letter from Sister Agatha (double-sided)

Hawkins Papers - Letter from Sister Agatha (reverse) (texture)


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A Page from Renfield’s Diary

Complete with coded message … and a squashed fly 🙂

Hawkins Papers - Page from Renfield's Journal (texture)

Index Card from 1890s collecting three newspaper clippings

In order to allow for a physical prop to be created, this has been designed in pieces (each newspaper clipping is a separate image) and then digitally compiled into a montage for the final card image.

Hawkins Papers - Quake Notes (card montage)

A Gossip Column from 1894

Hawkins Papers - 1890s Gossip Column

First Duke Notes (c 1895)

This one uses a hopefully-Victorian version of the EDOM logo (which exists in a modern form elsewhere in the product as a streamlined icon combining a crown, a cup and a droplet).

Hawkins Papers - First Dukes

Letter to Stoker, 1896 (2 sheets)

Letter to Stoker ALetter to Stoker A

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(Messy) Typewritten Report of Medical Experiment, 1907 (3 sheets)

Hawkins Papers - Seward Serum Report - Page 1 (texture)

Treaty Ports Letter (1922)

Hawkins Papers - Churchill Letter

British Intelligence Memo from 1940

Hawkins Papers - 1940s Military Memo (texture)

A newspaper clipping from 1951

Hawkins Papers - 1950s Newspaper Clipping

A memo from 1965 (slightly worse for wear)

Hawkins Papers - Caliban letter (reconstruct, texture)

Typed Memo from 1977

Hawkins Papers - Loman Surveillance Memo (original, texture)

Transcript of Intercepted Phone Conversation (197os)

Although not very obvious (unless viewed at larger size) this design features a few dozen needle-sized holes punched out of the page, spelling out text.

Hawkins Papers - LEGAT Phone Transcript (texture)

Goetic Org Chart

Hawkins Papers - Goetic Org Chart (texture)

Flash Message Intercepts

Dating from 1977, the Hawkins Papers includes a collection of 17 intercepted (and decrypted) signals relating to Operation Edom. Here’s a montage of the punch card files recording a few of these intercepts.

Hawkins Papers - Flash Messages 01-06 montage


Check out the Dracula Dossier bundle (or maybe “mega-bundle” would be a more accurate term) from Pelgrane for more Hawkins Paper goodness, the entire text of the “unredacted” version of Stoker’s classic tale, and the huge and sprawling campaign framework that ties them together … it’s the sort of wildly ambitious project that sort of raises the bar for RPG products in terms of complexity and scope.

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