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APOCTHULHU Core Available in Print

Halloween has come a little bit early here at Cthulhu Reborn’s non-Euclidean towers. For today we have the immense pleasure of announcing the first of the print editions for the APOCTHULHU Core Rulebook has gone on sale!

For the record, we are planning to make the rulebook available in four(!) different editions — two with full-colour interiors (hardback, softback), and two with streamlined monochrome interior layouts (hardback, softback).

Today, we’ve made the two colour editions available for sale — these correspond directly to the (default) appearance of the PDF that many folks have purchased on DriveThruRPG. Photos of the two colour books are scattered through this post.

One of the features of our launch of the PDF back in August was that early purchasers of the PDF would receive a discount voucher for purchasing the print edition (the discount amount equaling the PDF purchase price). We are working through implementing those discounts now … if you bought the PDF you *should* have received an email from DriveThruRPG with details of a discount voucher for the Hardcover rulebook.

I say *should* because … well … DriveThru’s tools for doing this kind of thing are a little basic, and also many customers opt out of receiving mail from publishers (to avoid spam). So, if you did purchase the PDF and have NOT received an email about the discount … please, PLEASE drop us an email at so we can sort something out for you.

Creating a massive (330 page) rulebook for a brand new RPG has proven to be an exhausting experience … although thanks to the help of an amazing and inspiring crew of collaborators, we’ve not only made it but also created a finished product that I’m really proud of. I hope that those of you who decide to pick up a hardcopy think likewise when it slithers its way into your mailbox.

Oh, and for anyone who is curious about the monochrome interior editions … we are still waiting on one of the proofs before putting them on sale. They won’t be sold via DTRPG, but instead via direct purchases on Lulu (and perhaps Amazon if we can figure out how to do that :)).

APOCTHULHU is on Roll20!

A small (but important) news update for APOCTHULHU today. If you are like most gamers, you are probably doing a lot more online gaming than you used to do. Social distancing and other pandemic-related factors has pushed a lot of RPG sessions and conventions into “virtual” mode.

If you have an interest in running APOCTHULHU as part of your online games, we would be chuffed … and to make that just a little bit easier, we have recently created a nifty APOCTHULHU online character sheet for the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop. So, if you use Roll20, you can now pick our character sheet from the list of (gazillions) of pre-defined character sheets when you set up a new online game.

The Roll20 sheet is pretty neat — not only does it contain all the key info on the APOCTHULHU sheet but most of the common dice rolls can be triggered by clicking buttons (skill names, stat names, resources ratings, bond values, etc). Plus the sheet knows about the dice-rolling conventions of APOCTHULHU with regards to criticals and fumbles.

Coming Next …

We will shortly be making an announcement about print editions of the APOCTHULHU core rules becoming available for order. We’ll also be describing how folks who’ve previously purchased the PDF of the core rulebook can claim a discount on the print edition of their choice.

Watch. This. Space.


UPDATE: We’ve been informed that for reasons outside our control, the folks at “Into The Darkness” have had to repost their APOCTHULHU Actual Play video at a new YouTube URL. If you’d like to watch it, the correct video can be reached by clicking this link.

Thanks again to “Into The Darkness” for making such an entertaining on-shot session. Prior to the old video being removed, it had already attracted a lot of interest and a number of enthusiastic viewer comments.

Several people have asked us already whether there are any instructional videos about APOCTHULHU, or which show the game system in action. Until now we’ve had to say “eh, not yet”.

But that all changed yesterday when the amazing “Into The Darkness” gaming group released a YouTube video of a recent APOCTHULHU one-shot they played. The scenario they played was a custom creation of GM Tyler Hudak (a friend of the Cthulhu Reborn family) — althought it’s a tale set in one of the nine Lovecraftian Post-Apocalypse settings included in the core rulebook.

Join Tyler and five desperate Post-Apocalypse Survivors as they navigate their way through the shadow-haunted reality of Dave Sokolowski’s “Under A Charcoal Sky” setting. In the actual play recording the characters are lured out of their compound by a peculiar looping transmission that starts to emerge from their AM radios. The female voice is apparently broadcasting live … but all she ever says is the same sequence of numbers. Over and over. And over. What does it mean? And what terrible fate will transpire if she ever stops?

Another Great APOCTHULHU Review

Paul StJohn Mackintosh is an RPG reviewer extraordinaire … and someone we sent a copy of the APOCTHULHU core book.

Suffice it to say that we were delighted by the complimentary things he had to say about our game.

Paul particularly calls out the detailed setting based on William Hope Hodgson’s novel “The Night Land” as a high-point of the core PDF, and we’d have to agree. Working with Kevin Ross, who wrote this awesome adaptation of Hodgson’s ideas to the gaming format, we were constantly impressed by the evocative “gameability” of this far-future Post-Apocalypse.

In Paul’s words:

Hodgson’s immensely distant sunless dreamscape, ruled by nightmare presences that besiege humanity’s last redoubt, was a formative influence on Lovecraft, but has remained very underused by RPG designers, no least because of the original novel’s turgid prose. Consequently, Apocthulhu and Kevin Ross are performing a real service to the horror RPG audience by disinterring Hodgson’s creations and framing them in such a well-proven, flexible system.

(from the review)

Most readers here have probably already checked out the APOCTHULHU RPG (either the core PDF, or the Pay-What-You-Want Quickstart) to see if it’s their gaming “cup-of-tea” … but if you’re undecided about it, maybe give Paul’s review a read and see if that helps.

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