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The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

I’ve mentioned previously on this blog that Cthulhu Reborn has been busy over the past year or so working on a range of different projects for Call of Cthulhu publishers. Well, guess what … one of them finally got released πŸ™‚

Cathulhu Cover (sml)

Cathulhu is a 68 page book from Sixtystone Press which offers a rather unique setting for Call of Cthulhu — one on which the players take on the roles of Feline Investigators, battling the forces of the Cthulhu Mythos with poise, elegance and velvet paws. It’s a pretty unusual little sub-universe for CoC gaming, but strangely one that actually quite works. I have to admit I was slightly skeptical … and then I read the scenario included in the book, and it all clicked into place. Ah, so … it’s just like a traditional investigation … only with cats and cat-related antagonists.

Anyway … my involvement with Cathulhu began almost a year ago when Sixtystone commissioned Cthulhu Reborn to design a character sheet for the book. From there it sort of snowballed until we ended up in the position of providing not only the entire book layout, both covers … and about 2/3rds of the interior art. In case you’re curious about how the book looks, I’ve put together a montage of a few randomly-chosen pages:

Cathulhu Layout Montage

Cathulhu is available right now from RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. You can buy it either as a PDF or a softcover book (or a bundle of the two).

BTW: you shouldn’t confuse this book with Call of Catthulhu, which is a non-BRP system from Faster Monkey Games for playing Lovecraftian-themed games with cat characters. That game, recently expanded via a successful Kickstarter, also looks good — but I prefer the Sixtystone book. I guess you’d expect that πŸ™‚

I hope that folks enjoy Sixtystone’s Cathulhu, and that people find the layout and art scheme we have chosen to be one which adds to the idiosyncratic “vibe” of the setting. And Catnip for all!

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