Portfolio: Gaslight, 3rd Edition

Initially my sole contribution to Chaosium’s 3rd Edition Gaslight book was to be my Art Nouveau character sheet (in a slightly modified form). But then, the layout designer approached me and asked whether I could have a go at designing some handouts for the two scenarios which appear in the new book.

Most of the designs below contain “extra bits” that may not make it into the book. For example, all of the newspaper clippings are double-sided with era-authentic news and advertisements filling the surrounds and back of the clipping. Also, for the two “book excerpt” clues I had to create I thought it might be nice to make some period-appropriate title pages as well as the page which contains the specific clue.

NOTE: Larger versions of all images are available by clicking on them

Jackal Papers

Handouts #1 & #2: Newspaper articles [both double sided]

Handout #3: Excerpts from a translation of Egyptian scrolls

Burnt Man Papers

Handout #1: Letter from a Law firm

Handouts #2, #3, #4: Newspaper articles [all double sided]

Handout #5: Extract from book “Cursed Families of Great Britain”

Handout #6: Extract from book “History of Bargrove Parish”

Handout #7: About Faeries

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