Portfolio: Cathulhu

Sixtystone Press publishing the rather unique Lovecraftian RPG Cathulhu, in which players take on the roles of cats investigating Cthulhuoid horrors.

I was involved as layout designer for this book … and also did a lot of art mock ups as well.

Click images for larger versions

Mockup Postcards

To illustrate the different cat breeds available as Investigators in the game, a series of mock-up postcards has been designed. At the moment these make use of non-final versions of commercial stock images of cats (high-res final versions of similar pics will be substituted at a later date).

#1: “Sunset at the Gate”

Cathulhu Postcard Test - Sunset

#2: “Lake of Fire”

Cathulhu Postcard Test - Fire

#3: “Desert Trail”

Cathulhu Postcard Test - Desert

#4: “Miskatonic Library”

Cathulhu Postcard Test - Library

#5: “Sailing the Dreamlands”

Cathulhu Postcard Test - Sailing

#6: “Jungle Temple Ruins”

Cathulhu Postcard Test - Jungle

#7: “At the Pyramid”

Cathulhu Postcard Test - Pyramid

#8: “Old Corbitt Place”

Cathulhu Postcard Test - Old Manor

#9: “Streets by Night”

Cathulhu Postcard Test - Street

Cathulhu Logo

Here’s the first draft of a logo for Cathulhu … it’s supposed to capture an Art Deco vibe, a little bit of an Egyptian influence … and be relevant to cats.

Cathulhu Logo D2

And here’s a second version

Cathulhu Logo E

Character Sheet

Here is a draft design for a Cathulhu character sheet incorporating the latter of these logo designs (plus lots of other little cat-inspired art deco motifs)

Cathulhu Character Sheet H2 (front)

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