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Free APOCTHULHU Fiction #2

Here’s another Lovecraft-related short tale of mankind’s Apocalypse, this time co-written with one of his (then very young) protegés, Robert H. Barlow. Not too many people know about Barlow, but in the latter years of HPL’s life he was a welcome friend to the (basically totally broke) Lovecraft, hosting him on several extended stays in Florida. HPL in turn encouraged the young man in his ambitions to become a weird fiction writer — this Apocalyptic story, “Till A’ The Seas” is one of the products of this shared passion.

When Lovecraft died in 1937, Robert Barlow was named as his literary executor in recognition of the ongoing kindness and generosity he had afforded HPL — though this assignation eventually counted for little as August Derleth approached the monetizing of the Cthulhu Mythos with a kind of singlemindedness that would brook the involvement of no other parties. Still, that’s a story for another day (and if you can see parallels with this money-grubbing theft and more recent developments in the game publishing industry, that is *definitely* a topic for another discussion).

In the meantime, here’s a tale of the end of the world written by the teenaged Robert Barlow, and almost certainly heavily rewritten by Lovecraft.

Click here for the 4-page PDF version of this typeset version of “Till A’ The Seas”, extracted from the WIP APOCTHULHU core rulebook.


Free APOCTHULHU Fiction #1

We are right now in the thick of layout for the core APOCTHULHU rules, which will be quite a weighty tome once it’s done. One thing we have decided to include in the front of the book is some representative Mythos fiction which paints some kind of picture of what the “End of the World” looks like from a Lovecraft perspective.

Because the fiction we’re using is all in the public domain, we thought it would be cool to also release the individual (typeset) stories as free downloadable PDFs. So … here’s the first one: H.P. Lovecraft’s odd prose poem of mankind’s downfall. Yep, it’s HPL’s “Nyarlathotep” (1920). In case you weren’t aware this is the piece of weird fiction where everyone’s favourite many-masked Mythos meddler was first introduced, or at least where the name “Nyarlathotep” was first published.

Click here for the 4-page PDF version of this short-but-mindblowingly-effective tale of hinted annihilation.

Another APOCTHULHU fiction freebie tomorrow!


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