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Print Pricing for APOCTHULHU

I want to provide a quick “Public Service Announcement” about looming big price hikes in all POD-printed colour books from DTRPG. Publishers (like us) who sell hardcover or softcover versions of  colour-interior books have been advised that from July 1 the cost for printing each book (via Lightning Source / Ingram) is increasing.

A lot. Like +25-30%ish.

For our APOCTHULHU Core book — which is available as either soft or hardcover colour-interior — I’ve crunched the numbers provided by DTRPG and it looks like both of them will get $15 more expensive on July 1. That is not really good for purchasers, and it’s not really good for us.

The only saving grace is that DTRPG have hastily organized a sale from now until June 29, where affected print books are being sold up to 25% off their *current* price. We have signed up to that sale for both our APOCTHULHU Core and APOCTHULHU Quickstart books. If you have any interest in perhaps picking either up as colour-interior print books, we’d urge you to consider doing it during this sale.

We currently also offer B&W interior versions of these books via LULU, and none of this change affects those versions.

It’s worth noting that Cthulhu Reborn is far from being the only publisher who is affected by this change in DTRPG/LS pricing — so if there are other things you’ve been considering buying in print from DTRPG, I’d definitely suggest looking at the listings this week to see if they too are part of this big sale. Chances are most publishers are like us, lamenting the fact that customers are about to get slugged …

Finally, it’s also worth pointing out that this change doesn’t affect the print cost of Convicts & Cthulhu on DTRPG — because that book is B&W interior only.

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