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Convicts in Print!

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It’s official … you can now get yourself a print-on-demand softcover book version of Convicts & Cthulhu. All you have to do is head over to this page on RPGNow and purchase either the print version of the book or the print & PDF combo.

As with the original PDF, the printed book is a “Pay-What-You-Want” title … now you may wonder how that works, given the fact that it obviously costs a certain amount of money to print and ship a physical book. The answer is simple: you can still pay whatever you want but the amount you type into the box must be AT LEAST the cost of producing the printed book (about USD $4.00). If you type an amount into the box that is more than the basic cost of printing, the rest of the money goes to Cthulhu Reborn — well, most of it anyway. After you’ve added the Pay-What-You-Want book to your shopping cart you’ll still need to add postage and handling as per a normal print book order from RPGNow or DrivethruRPG.

Convicts & Cthulhu softcover pic1 (sml)

By my estimate, most folks should be able to get a POD copy of Convicts & Cthulhu made and shipped to them for around USD $9 or maybe even less. I figure that’s not too bad for a 96-page B&W roleplaying book with a nice glossy cover.

The test copy that I had printed turned out looking really nice BTW. The phone camera pic above probably doesn’t do justice to the finished product, but should give you some idea of what you’re buying.


The Popular Convict

Convicts & Cthulhu B&W Logo sml

Wow … Convicts & Cthulhu has proven to be a much more popular title than I could ever have hoped. For the first few days after its release it held the top spot in RPGNow’s “hottest product” list … and five weeks later it is still lurking in that list (currently at #13). All-in-all something like 700 copies have now been sold, with generous folks using the “Pay-What-You-Want” feature to donate a few hundred dollars towards the upkeep of Cthulhu Reborn.

We are both delighted and humbled by the success of this book … and in particular by the generosity of folks who have chipped in some of their hard-earned cash.

Armed with the success of the base Convicts & Cthulhu book I have been lobbying hard to get Geoff Gillan to write some additional material for the setting. Despite the fact that he is a very busy novelist and freelance scenario-writer (not to mention has a busy day job), I have been able to secure a little bit of his time for elaborating the setting.

Australian Aeons Illo #D1.1

At the moment, the plan is to release a small number of 3-4 page free PDFs which expand upon Convicts & Cthulhu in some way. We’re calling these bite-sized chunks of C&C goodness “Tickets-of-Leave.” The manuscript for the first “Ticket-of-Leave” is already written and awaiting layout and art … so hopefully there should be an announcement of its availability soon.

I am also hoping to have an announcement soon on print-copies of the original Convicts & Cthulhu book.

BTW: on the off chance that you’re reading this but *haven’t* already grabbed yourself a copy of the original Convicts & Cthulhu PDF, you can do so over on RPGNow.

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