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Dateline: Lovecraft is Cthulhu Reborn’s system-independent resource to help both Game Moderators and players of investigative horror games evoke a more nuanced and vibrant Arkham. The core of the package is a large and lavishly-researched and period-authentic newspaper prop, the full edition of the Arkham Advertiser for the day of Monday, 15 October, 1928.

Buried in the thousands of words of news, advertisements, editorials, columns, society pages, and other weirdness, lies a wealth of out-of-the-ordinary hooks which can be used as the basis for game scenarios. Picking up some of these strands, an imaginative Game Moderator can weave his or her own evocative Arkham tales of terror. Tales imbued with an authentic 1920s tone, and the unique quirky feel of H.P. Lovecraft’s brooding town.

The core Dateline: Lovecraft product is a commercial (i.e., non-free) product, however we have released a number of add-on PDF scenarios which *are* free to download. Each provides a scenario with some ties to the newspaper prop at the core of the Dateline product.

Dateline: Lovecraft, Issue #1 Core Product

(Broadsheet newspaper plus Guidebook featuring indices and sample scenarios)

(released 24 Sep 2018)

Commercial Product:

Physical Dateline: Lovecraft #1 Pack

In response to overwhelming demand from blog readers (and others), we have created a physical version of Dateline: Lovecraft. At present this can be ordered through the (US-based) H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, or direct through Cthulhu Reborn (Australian-based). The pack sells for US$35 as printing custom broadsheet newspapers is more expensive than typical book printing. If you are interested in obtaining one from the HPLHS, see the webstore link below. If you would like one direct from us, send an email to dateline [at] (we don’t yet have a webstore, but can sell via PayPal).

Dateline: Lovecraft, Issue #1 Physical Pack

(Printed Broadsheet newspaper, softcover Guidebook packaged in a plastic zip case)

Commercial Product:

The Herber Arkham-O-Pedia

Dateline: Lovecraft, Issue 1 is a resource which showcases a detailed and meticulously-researched depiction of H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional college town of Arkham. We have, where possible, tried to build upon the foundational work done by Keith Herber to create Arkham as a game-able setting. Keith’s depiction appeared first in Chaosium’s Arkham Unveiled in 1990 — to ensure our product didn’t contradict any of the fine detail (names, addresses, telephone numbers) invented by Keith we compiled and indexed every one of these. While initially intended as a resource for our own reference, a number of other gamers asked for it to be released more broadly. We chose the name “Herber Arkham-O-Pedia” for this 43-page PDF. More information about it may be found here.

The Herber Arkham-O-Pedia v1.1

(indices for all Chaosium sourcebooks describing Arkham)

(released 22 Aug 2018)

43-page PDF (3.2MB)

Free Downloads:

Bundle of All Freebies for Dateline: Lovecraft #1

Bundle of Dateline #1 Free Addons

(Archive containing the “Herber Arkham-O-Pedia” and all “Dateline: Extras” released to date)

[Last Updated: 20 Jan 2020]

ZIP file; 23.5MB

Free Download:

Dateline: Lovecraft EXTRA!s

These scenarios are supplements to the core Dateline: Lovecraft, Issue 1 product. Each provides a detailed scenario tied to one or more specific news items and other elements found in the huge prop newspaper provided with that product.


Dateline: Lovecraft EXTRA!

Help Wanted

(rel: 24 Sep 2018)

Dateline: Lovecraft EXTRA!

Smoke Green

(rel: 9 Jan 2019)

Dateline: Lovecraft EXTRA!

Spoiled Milk

(rel: 6 Mar 2019)

20 pages; 4.7MB PDF

Free Download/Purchase:
Cthulhu Reborn [7e stats]
DriveThruRPG [Generic]

27 pages; 4.6MB PDF

Free Download/Purchase:
Cthulhu Reborn [7e stats]
DriveThruRPG [Generic]

21 pages; 4.8MB PDF

Free Download/Purchase:
Cthulhu Reborn [7e stats]
DriveThruRPG [Generic]

cr6204 - Dateline 1 EXTRA! - Bottoms Up! v1.0

Dateline: Lovecraft EXTRA!

Bottoms Up!

(rel: 20 Jan 2020)

36 pages; 7.5MB PDF

Free Download/Purchase:
Cthulhu Reborn [7e stats]
DriveThruRPG [d100 gen.]

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