Portfolio: In A Different Light

“In A Different Light” is a scenario I wrote a long, long time ago. It was also the first PDF scenario that I published here on Cthulhu Reborn.

Although put together quite rapidly, I am still fairly happy with the quality of the props/handouts, maps and the (generally quite simplistic by effective) layout.

NOTE: Larger versions of most images are available by clicking on them

NOTE: In case it’s not obvious: the material which appears below includes significant spoilers for the scenario — don’t read it, if you think you may one day play this scenario.

Handouts / Props

(Credit: some of the newspaper handouts below were actually based on supplementary material written by Max_Writer)


This map is based on a sketch by Max_Writer, itself traced from the map of Arkham which appears in Chaosium’s “Arkham Unveiled” (and reprints). This is my attempt to create a vector map from a bitmap scan of the original.

Sample Page Layouts

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