Portfolio: Deadwave

Deadwave is a scenario by Mark Morrison for which I built an entire PDF layout, released here on Cthulhu Reborn in February 2012.

Despite the fact that the original scenario assumes a 1920s setting, my take on the scenario opens it up for use in the 1890s or modern day settings as well (which took almost no effort thanks to some very tight writing in Mark’s orginal).

My approach to typesetting a three-era scenario was to embrace this multiplicity of settings throughout the layout. The cover has elements from all eras, the background paper texture has layers from each era. To allow Keepers to run the scenario in any era, three different versions of the scenarios handouts have been produced — one capturing the look-and-feel of 1920s newspapers, another with an 1890s newspaper look and another with a more modern feel.

NOTE: Larger versions of all images are available by clicking on them

NOTE: In case it’s not obvious: the material which appears below includes significant spoilers for the scenario — don’t read it, if you think you may one day play this scenario.

Front & Back Cover

Handouts: 1920s Style


Handouts: 1890s Style


Handouts: Modern Style


Map: Abbatoir

Page Art: Zombie Dogs (from different Eras)

Page Art: Multi-Level Paper Texture

Sample Page Layouts


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