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In 2010 and 2011, Michael Fanara of Little Ferret Films created and shared a collection of high-quality prop handouts tailored to enhancing the play experience for several popular Call of Cthulhu scenarios and campaigns. These were released under the “GEEDUNK Prop Documents” banner and made available for free under a Creative Commons Sharealike license.

For folks familiar with the extremely high standards for handouts set by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society (whose work can be found in several Miskatonic River Press publications and on their website, Michael’s work achieves a very similar standard. This makes the GEEDUNK Props collections a very valable resource for running some of the most played Call of Cthulhu tales.

Sadly, however, the GEEDUNK website went dark some time in 2012 and these excellent resources have been hard to find since that time.

In the interests of keeping the GEEDUNK props available to the general public, Cthulhu Reborn has chosen to mirror them all here on this page.  This by no means constitutes an attempt to claim this work as our own — this is most assuredly the work of Michael Fanara, republished here as a mirror to his (now-dead) site. This republication is made under the same licensing terms cited on the original GEEDUNK web page (see the bottom of this page) and explicitly identifies that the majority of the props linked to from this page make heavy use of fonts created by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. Under no circumstances may these props be used for commercial purposes without prior written permission of Michael Fanara.

GEEDUNK Collage - Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness by Keith Herber is one of the scenarios included in the 5th and 6th Editions of the main Call of Cthulhu rulebook. It is intended as an introductory scenario. The GEEDUNK Props set for Edge of Darkness includes:

GEEDUNK Collage - Masks of NyarlathotepMasks of Nyarlathotep is a classic campaign for Call of Cthulhu which has been reprinted by Chaosium in (to-date) four editions. There have been numerous efforts by fans of the campaign to supplement or upgrade the large collection of handouts which Investigators may discover during their travels around the globe. The GEEDUNK Props set for Masks consists of a single new handout:


Beyond the Mountains of Madness is a lengthy campaign for Call of Cthulhu published by Chaosium in 1999. It was written by a mammoth team of writers, headed by Charles and Janyce Engan. The GEEDUNK Props set for this campaign includes:

GEEDUNK Collage - Fungi From Yuggoth

The Fungi from Yuggoth is a classic campaign for Call of Cthulhu by Keith Herber. It has been printed three times by Chaosium under different titles — the first in 1984 (as “The Fungi from Yuggoth”), the second in 1990 (as part of the anthology book “Curse of Cthulhu), and most recently in 1998 (as “Day of the Beast”). The GEEDUNK Props set for this globe-trotting campaign includes:

GEEDUNK Collage - Secrets of San Francisco

In 2006 Chaosium published the Call of Cthulhu sourcebook Secrets of San Francisco which includes four scenarios. The GEEDUNK Props set for this book includes newspaper clippings upgrading the handouts for three scenarios (“The Ferry Ride”, “”The Westchester House”, “Beyond the Edges”).

GEEDUNK Collage - Pagan Call

Pagan Call is a campaign for Cthulhu Dark Ages, written by Kevin Anderson, Stephane Gesbert and Robert Wilde. To date it has not been published in print, but is available as a set of PDF downloads from the Cthulhu Dark Ages website. The campaign is set mainly in the southeast of England in 1020AD it comprises six chapters; the GEEDUNK Props set adds enhanced handouts for the first two scenarios:

GEEDUNK Disclaimer(click license to see a larger image)

23 responses to “GEEDUNK Props Mirror

  • Paul Entrekin

    Hi. I tried to print out the Darkness Journal and it came out a jumbled mess. I cannot for the life of me figure out what pages to print in what order. Following the instructions doesn’t work. printing page 3 with 4 on the back and following that pattern puts a lot of blank pages in between and the dates do not follow any order. what am I doing wrong? This kind of thing just bugs me. IF it were put in a booklet format, my printer would likely make short work of it. Thanks for any help

  • Geoff

    Ty using ‘print as image’ in your acrobat settings – that might work.

  • Paul Entrekin

    I am using Adobe Reader and I don’t see a “print as image” setting. Oh well, maybe i can “force fit” it. make some pages a graphic and cutpasta!

  • Court

    Anyone else having problems with PDF layers in the Edge of Darkness clippings file? Can’t seem to print without layers overlapping. There’s a password for changing layers in this PDF.

  • Morgan Blackhand

    The Cthulhu Dark Ages website don’t exist anymore. Anybody knows if there is a mirror or if Pagan Call is available anywhere else? I tried Internet Archive Wayback Machine, but only the main page was stored.
    Thanks in advance!

    • deanadelaide

      I have copies of the Pagan Call PDFs and would happily host them here on Cthulhu Reborn … if someone could track down the original authors and get their permission. The files are copyright by Stéphane Gesbert and others, so I guess anybody would need to get their permission before mirroring them.

  • Ryan Zanercik

    Dang, these are pretty awesome. Thanks for the hard work! Going to use all of the Edge of Darkness props for our next adventure.

  • Vichrae V.

    Quick note that March 28, 1882 was actually a Tuesday. My players notice such inconsistencies and think it’s a clue. LOL.

    • deanadelaide

      That is kind of funny … As far as the discrepancy in the date (in the Edge of Darkness newspaper clippings), I don’t have any of the original files and the PDFs are locked so I can’t correct the clippings. So, if you’re using them in your game maybe correct them by hand … or let your super-organized players fall into the same clue-trap as Vichrae’s 🙂

  • Rico

    The journal dates are wrong. The ceremony page says March 1881, it should be 1882. The problem being that this means the ceremony was performed before even buying the house.

    • Rico

      Also, the published date of the pocket diary says 1882, so how did he write entries in 1881 in a diary that wasnt yet published? – LOL

  • Bill Walsh

    Also just printing these out. Cool stuff, although I’ll note that there are three English words hiding amidst the Latin on line three of the chant… 😜

    • deanadelaide

      Glad you found the props useful, Bill. They’re not our productions but we are happy to continue giving them an online home so folks can enjoy them.

      And it doesn’t surprise me that if *anyone* was going to spot some stray fake Latin hidden in there, it’d be you 🙂

      • Bill Walsh

        Thanks, Dean! Yeah, it’s actually three *English* words! I figured they’d been running them through Google Translate or something and accidentally repasted the original text. Pretty funny. My players didn’t notice—probably because I didn’t make them chant the chant (because of the English). They loved the handouts, by the way.

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  • ulf

    These are great thanks for posting, saves a lot of time! There are a few typos and misspellings in the clippings and letters for BtMoM…hard to see the writer of the 1st letter to the investigators writing “it’s” instead of “its”, for example, given the level of education the writer has! And the first couple of clippings have typos in key words. Were there any corrections posted by the creators of this material?

    • deanadelaide

      Unfortunately, no, the creator of these excellent props has never (to my knowledge) gone back and made corrections. I also don’t have any contact details for him — I just continue to host a mirror because, well, they’re not available anywhere else and Mike said it was ok to host them here.

      • ulf

        thanks so much, I found a few more typos too so will mix and match the beauty of these ones with a handful of the less sexy-but-accurate ones in the campaign book. Really appreciate you hosting these!

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