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News: Terrible New Worlds Available in Print

Ever since we released our anthology book of scenarios (mini-campaigns really) for APOCTHULHU, we have been getting a steady stream of folks asking us when it would be available to buy in print.

Well … today we are absolutely delighted to announce that it is available for Print on Demand via DTRPG. Yes, you can get your very own one of these ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ right now!

We have chosen to make two editions of Terrible New Worlds, catering to the preferences of different folks (and also to provide bother cheaper and more deluxe versions). The two versions are:

The pictures below show the same pages from the two versions:

Colour Hardback
B&W Softcover

Both books are great presentations of these four mini-campaigns, highlighting the great original art we commissioned for the book. Best of all, we are super-happy to announce that because of investigations/changes we’ve made into print options at DTRPG (see below), we are able to offer both books at a competitive price — certainly much better than the painfully-high prices we were obliged to charge for APOCTHULHU Core after print costs rose abruptly in July. A full-colour hardback will set you back about USD 38.95 + shipping; the softcover B&W interior book is USD 24.95 + shipping. Purchasing either will also nab you the PDF plus associated digital resources for free.

Changes to Print Options

As mentioned above, one of the most disappointing developments for us in 2021 has been the big hike in the raw costs to print POD books via DTRPG. The problem seems to originate with some extortionate rises in print charges by Lightning Source (who are DTRPG’s print partner). The big price increases applied to so-called “Premium Color” books, making them super expensive to produce. At the same time “Standard Color” books remained largely untouched by those print increases. Previously we have always chosen the Premium option since the printers advertise that it is superior for books which have a lot of graphical content, which all of ours do.

But … we were curious about how much difference there is in quality between Premium and Standard, so we ordered some proof copies of our APOCTHULHU Core Rulebook (previously Premium) as Standard Color POD books. We were expecting them to be far inferior … but, guess what, they look extremely similar.

Comparing Premium POD (top) vs Standard Color POD (bottom)

We ran the two books past several unsuspecting folks here at Cthulhu Reborn Towers without telling them which book was which … and while most people did eventually pick the Premium book as having ever-so-slightly more vivid colors, everyone needed very close side-by-side comparisons of multiple pages to see it.

If the two printing technologies cost about the same, this would be no big deal … but the way the pricing works now, the cost difference is such that the Premium option costs us about TWICE the Standard Color option. That’s about a USD30 difference — for hardcover, we’ve been asking $72, but with the non-Premium we could ask $42 instead. For a very, VERY slight improvement in quality we don’t think that extra $30 is worth it. So we have now discontinued the Premium options for APOCTHULHU Core and enabled the Standard Color versions instead.

In addition to making the hardcover full-color book $30 cheaper … it similarly reduces the softcover (color-interior) option from $65 to $35. All prices exclude shipping, of course.

If this whets your appetite for a new print copy … they’re waiting for you!

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