Portfolio: Jeff Moeller Tableau

In a discussion thread on the Yog-Sothoth forum, Jeff Moeller asked for some help in producing a prop/handout for a scenario he is working on. The key factor was that the detailed (clue-bearing) document he had already drawn — a suicide note — needed to be appropriately blood spattered consistent with a ritual disembowling.

NOTE: Larger versions of all images are available by clicking on them

I wondered whether it might be easier to get the proper blood effect in a way that retained readability of the note (important) if the handout were actually a photograph of the entire crime-scene tableau.

With this in mind I created this design in Photoshop and Illustrator, making use of a few neat filters to obtain a slightly aged photo effect:

The handout is actually a cropped section of a slightly bigger version of the tableau that I began with:

Not sure where this handout/prop is going, or where Jeff plans to publish his scenario.

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