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Stumbling Out of Aladdin’s Cave

As long-time readers of Cthulhu Reborn will know, we started out making high-quality free PDFs of “rescued” scenarios, mostly written by big-name Call of Cthulhu writers from the game’s golden (1990s) age. We haven’t put out any new releases of this type for a bit, although we are certainly always on the lookout for things to give the deluxe “rescuing” treatment. [Downloads of all the previously rescued scenarios can be found here.]

Recently I had the privilege of an extended conversation with Kevin Ross, one of the absolute biggest names in CoC writing in the golden age and an occasional writer of awesome new stuff (e.g., Down Darker Trails and its campaign book Shadows Over Stillwater). In the midst of the chat I wheeled out my standard nonchalant question, “So, do you have any awesome scenarios that never found their way to publication?”

To my sheer delight Kevin said, “oh sure; there’s some things in my filing cabinet that would fit the bill.” And that is how I managed to get my hands on three different Kevin Ross scenarios back from the early EARLY days of Call of Cthulhu. Some of these were old enough that they were typewritten — not computer printouts — but each of them are great examples of Kevin’s style.

So, we will be progressively working on converting, illustrating, and laying out these “lost gems” for eventual release as glossy PDFs. They won’t be finished until next year, but I’m excited enough about them that I felt I had to share it with you guys!


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