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That is not Dead, which Can …

… eternally be occupied on other projects 🙂

Well, it’s been quite a few months since the last post here on Cthulhu Reborn. That doesn’t mean that we haven’t been busily working away on Cthulhuoid goodies, though. Quite the opposite, actually. In fact, since December we’ve helped out on a whole bunch of different Kickstarter projects for a whole bunch of different people and companies. In the absence of any new freebie content to post here I thought I’d include a brief “sneak peek” at our contributions to two of those projects.

Arkham Gazette

The Arkham Gazette is a nifty gaming magazine published by Bret Kramer’s Sentinel Hill Press. It’s devoted to printing awesomely-detailed gaming resources set in “Lovecraft Country,” that creepy and haunted fictional part of Massachusetts often visited in HPL’s horror stories. Back in December, Sentinel Hill Press ran a very successful Kickstarter campaign to bring the third issue of the Arkham Gazette to print, with a whole bunch of cool content and add-ons. Also stretch goals unlocked during the campaign allowed for the previous issues of the magazine to also be revisited and brushed up with professional layout and handouts.

I was lucky enough to be invited to contribute a whole bunch of different items to the various print and PDF products that backers of this Kickstarter will receive. Below are just a few of them.

Arkham Gazette 2 - Handout 5C - Newspaper Article (sml)Arkham Gazette 3 - Handwritten Notebook, Page 8 (sml)

The Dracula Dossier

Another great Kickstarter from last year (although one not strictly relating to Lovecraftian stuff) was Pelgrane Press’ campaign for The Dracula Dossier. This is an awesome resource for Ken Hite’s intriguing “Night’s Black Agents” game which mashes the Spy Thriller genre with the Vampire genre and fuels the whole thing with Robin Laws’ Gumshoe system (as seen also in “Trail of Cthulhu”). The purpose of this Kickstarter is to mine the tale of Dracula to create a framework for conspiracy thiller gaming. One of the interesting add-ons that was unlocked during the wildly successful campaign (the 32nd (!) stretch goal reached), is a series of prop documents from a range of different eras, all relating to the government conspiracy known as “Operation Edom”. I was incredibly pleased to be invited to take on the challenge of producing these for Pelgrane. A few of the many, many designs can be seen below.

Hawkins Papers - Goetic Org Chart (texture)Hawkins Papers - 1940s Military Memo (texture)Finally …

In between all of this work for other people I *have* found a little bit of time to work on some of the freebie projects that have been the staple of Cthulhu Reborn. Keep your eyes on this page for an announcement — hopefully soonish.

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