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A Glimpse of Future Apocalypses

It’s been a while since we posted any updates about upcoming APOCTHULHU titles. Rest assured we’ve been hard at work on several future books relating to different Lovecraftian Post-Apocalypse settings. In fact we’ve been so busy working on editing manuscripts for the very next book — an anthology of mini-campaigns — that we’ve been rather neglecting the blog. Sorry about that.

Starting next month I will be writing a series of posts describing some of the horrifically good adventures and source material that will go into a couple of books we will release later in the year.

For now, though, I thought it might be fun to simply share some of the cool art that has been created for upcoming APOCTHULHU books. Today I’d like to showcase a selection of pieces for our anthology book “Terrible New Worlds”. We have a mock up cover for that book …

Terrible New Worlds: An Anthology of four Mini-Campaigns for APOCTHULHU

When it came to commissioning the custom illustrations for this book we looked around at a lot of different artist portfolios, searching for the right look and feel. During that search we stumbled upon the work of an incredible Polish artist named Anna Helena Szymborska. You can see a sample of her work on this portfolio page.

We initially gave Anna the commissions for one scenario, but were so delighted with her creativity and eye for the macabre that we ended up asking her to do ALL the custom pieces for the entire book. And then we got her back for another entire book project (more on that later).

All that is my way of saying that Anna is an outstanding horror/sci-fi/fantasy genre artists. If you’re a publisher of games, fiction, or comics who commissions art in any of those genres, you might want to check out her style.

Anna’s Art for Mini-Campaign #1: Hold the Flood

Anna’s Art for Mini-Campaign #2: Throne of Corpses

Anna’s Art for Mini-Campaign #3: A Small Price

Anna’s Art for Mini-Campaign #4: Even Death May Die

Intrigued by these illustrations? Keep an eye out for future blog postings where we preview the four mini-campaigns that make up “Terrible New Worlds”, our next APOCTHULHU title!

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