Cthulhu Reborn was founded with the idea of creating awesome Lovecraftian stuff, and giving as much of it away for free as possible.

From time to time, however, people ask us whether there’s some way they can donate to Cthulhu Reborn, whether as a “thank you” for the freebies they’ve received, or as a contribution towards the next projects waiting in the wings. And believe us, there are ALWAYS more projects waiting to be done …

If you are one of those rare, precious, generous folks who enjoys our work enough to want to chip in a donation, the link below provides you with a means of doing so. All contributions will be used to fund future Lovecraftian projects; and where possible will be re-invested back into the talented pool of writers, illustrators, and other artists work

General Donations (thank you!)


Help with funding future Dateline: Lovecraft supplements (no really, thank you!)

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