Portfolio: Dockside Dogs

In late May 2012 Paul Fricker released Dockside Dogs, a PDF Call of Cthulhu scenario of extreme weirdness loosely based upon a certain Tarrantino film. His goal in releasing it is to raise money for Cancer Research via the Relay For Life UK charity.

I was fortunate enough to get involved briefly in this project, donating some of my time towards preparing some covers, a general layout for the PDF and a handful of illustration graphics ahead of the book’s launch on DrivethruRPG. Here are the front and back covers I designed for Dockside Dogs:

You can buy this brilliantly bizarre scenario via this DrivethruRPG page. Paul is asking for a donation of US$5 for the PDF, although I would strongly encourage folks to donate more to this very worthy cause. All proceeds from the sale of PDF go to the Cancer Research charity.

The PDF itself is a 28 page PDF layout comprising a unique Call of Cthulhu scenario complete with a half-dozen quite unusual pre-generated characters. Anybody who has read Paul’s previously published Cthulhu works (the Chaosium Monograph Gatsby and the Great Race and My Little Sister Will Make You Suffer! in Cubicle 7’s book Cthulhu Brittanica) will know his unique talent for crafting genre-busting, mind-expanding and creative work — Dockside Dogs is just like that! Plus it’s uber cool 🙂

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