A Plethora of Periodical Proppery (potentially)

UPDATE: Well, the Hudson & Brand Kickstarter managed to reach its Stretch Goal … so this will definitely be happening! (so ignore the “potentially” in the post title). Yay!

Just a quick post to say that Cthulhu Reborn have been asked by Stygian Fox to join its team for the Hudson & Brand book of Gaslight Goodies, currently entering its final day of Kickstarter fundraising. The book funded amost as soon as it went live, and has stormed through seven Stretch Goals.

If the book hits its next stretch goal (currently £1100 away, as I write) the book will receive an upgrade which sees six full-pages of Victorian-era newspaper props added to the back of the book. These will be co-designed by myself and Stygian Fox, and will be highly authentic in terms of content and presentation (something we *always* aim for :)).

So … if you have been wavering about getting on board with this excellent Kickstarter, and you love awesome propware … it might be worth checking out the campaign page once again. Cthulhu Reborn would really enjoy making some cool looking Victorian era newspapers for this book — so I hope we get the chance 🙂

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