A Very Special Thank You to Our #1 Hater

If you occasionally drop by our product pages on DTRPG, you might sometimes find something a bit … peculiar. Almost all of the product we have listed consistently score excellent ratings with folks who have purchased them … 4/5 or 5/5 ratings almost exclusively.

But sometimes, you might stumble upon a product which only has a couple of really low ratings. “What’s up with that?”, you might think to yourself. The mystery might even be compounded if we let the cat out of the bag … pretty much 100% of those 1 and 2 star ratings were all left by ONE individual.

What’s that? Someone who has purchased dozens of copies of our PDFs … the same products multiple times over … apparently just for the opportunity to leave bad product ratings? Sounds insane, right. But that’s what our DTRPG sales reports definitively show. One person, using two different drivethru accounts (accounts 2XXXX8 and 17XXXX6 [redacted for privacy]), seems hell-bent on repeatedly leaving us bad feedback. Well, I guess that is their privilege … although we really don’t know why.

There’s a couple of ironies about this situation, though. The first is the fact that this person’s reviews don’t persist for long — they’re up for a short time, but then quickly removed as inauthentic. The second irony is that this one individual — whoever he, she, or they might be — has now provided Cthulhu Reborn enough DTRPG revenue that we will shortly be in a position to commission further Open Source Lovecraftian PDF scenarios get written.

So … from that perspective … can I just say that whoever our #1 hater might be, please PLEASE don’t stop! We can make great new things together; your money and our creativity can achieve wonderful things.

6 responses to “A Very Special Thank You to Our #1 Hater

  • Shelby

    This is hysterical! I’m sure they’ll be furious. You should dedicate a product to them!

  • docfuturity

    Maybe this is something new, the rise of an “anti-stan” sort of person?!?! I gotta be honest, first thing I did was go research what you made on Drivethru so I could remember why I was subbed to your newsletter, and on realizing you are responsible for the amazing Convicts & Cthulhu (which has gotten much use in my campaigns) and Apocthulhu which I really want to snag sooner or later, I am just left…baffled.

  • KRoss

    I confess, it is I. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it wouldn’t have been for you meddling kids!

  • thegit13

    This has made my day. The best blog post I’ve read for a while. For the record, Convicts & Cthulhu has been awesome and I love my hardcopy of Apocthulhu. I do agree with Shelby’s suggestion for you to dedicate a product to the hater.

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