(Re)Views of the Apocalypse

The APOCTHULHU core rulebook is off to a great start, exceeding our expectations for sales on the first day. We are humbled and thank everyone who’s picked it up … and also everyone who’s been intrigued enough to grab the PWYW Quickstart to give the game a “test drive.”

If you’re keen to help us in getting the word out about our new game, submitting a review or star-rating on DTRPG is one easy way of doing that. Ratings and reviews are like oxygen to publishers (small and large), and do really help get more people looking more closely at the products. If you get the end of reading either PDF and have the time, logging back in to DriveThru and leaving your thoughts — positive or negative — would help us out a lot.

Alternatively, if you are a reviewer writing for a publication, video channel, podcast, blog, etc., let us know and we may be able to send you a free review copy of the APOCTHULHU core book PDF (you can get the Quickstart yourself for free if you want). Use the form below to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Thanks again to everyone who’s expressed interest in our book!

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