7 responses to “A Smoking New Release for Dateline: Lovecraft

  • Perry Tatman

    Are there plans in the future to follow up with different newspapers from different areas and time periods?

    • deanadelaide

      Great question!

      Yes, the idea of further newspapers is certainly something we’ve thought about — after all, that’s why the current product is called “Dateline: Lovecraft #1”. If there’s enough demand we’d love to be able to make a whole new periodical either from somewhere else in Lovecraft Country or maybe even in a time/place not usually covered in gaming supplements.

      Plans for such things, though, are more in the longer-term future. In the meantime there is still a lot we can do with the material in DL#1 and we’ve already got a number of authors and ideas we’d like to explore before we move on to another time and place.

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  • Perry Tatman

    Is it possible to get the graphic for the “Reinhart Smoke Green Cigarettes” packet from page 3 as I would really like to design a prop packet.

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