Cthulhu Eternal: This is how we Roll20

Lots of folks have been asking for ages that we make it easier for people to play Cthulhu Eternal using online Virtual Table Tops. Today, we have made virtual games of Cthulhu Eternal much easier … if you’re a user of the popular Roll20 environment.

When you create a new game on Roll20, you can now select “Cthulhu Eternal by Cthulhu Reborn Publishing” from the super-long list of character sheets available.

The same character sheet will let you play games using ANY of the five eras for which we have already released SRDs (Modern, Cold War, Jazz Age, Victorian, Age of Revolutions). All you need to do is select the era from the pulldown menu at the top right of the sheet. When you do, the sheet reconfigures to show a look & feel appropriate to the era as well as the correct skills list for protagonists in that era.

To future-proof things, we have also gone ahead and built sheets for a bunch of eras we haven’t yet released SRDs for … but would really like to one day.

So, the full list of Cthulhu Eternal games that you can run on R20 looks more like this:

Happy gaming online! And if you do anything cool with these character sheets — especially the eras we haven’t yet written — we would love to hear about it. Cthulhu Eternal is a 100% community effort, so if you have some amazing ideas we would definitely like to consider incorporating them in those things we hope one day to bring into the world!

2 responses to “Cthulhu Eternal: This is how we Roll20

  • Wyvern

    Not a question about roll20, but: Have you ever considered consolidating your SRDs into a single document, with sections on how to adapt the rules to a specific time period? It would be great to have everything in one place, rather than six different sets of rules which are mostly identical.

    • deanadelaide

      Hey Wyvern,

      We have definitely thought about the way in which the SRD is presented … and maybe one day we might create a monster every-era-in-one-SRD document. But ultimately our goal is to create more than a dozen different era-specific versions of the rules, and I fear that mashing that into a single document would be unwieldy. Plus, a major goal of the SRDs is to provide a customized starting point for someone to pick up and adapt … so having a bunch of neat “starting points” for extrapolation is probably more useful than having one omnibus that would need to be pared back before someone could warp it to their own weird-and-wonderful game.

      But who knows, maybe we will eventually come full circle back to a swiss-army-knife generic rulebook.

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