An Update: Our Hater Stan

We posted a couple of days ago about the steady stream of negative DTRPG ratings we see attached to our products, all sourced from the same two accounts (clearly working in tandem, probably controlled by the same person).

Well … it seems like the individual in question has spotted our posting, if today’s review spree is anything to go by. A snapshot from my inbox:

Yes, that is a total of 24 not-so-great star rating reviews in the space of 2 minutes. From the same person. Absolutely, totally normal behaviour … well, maybe not so much NORMAL, but perfectly rational. Right?

A few folks left comments on the earlier blog posting suggesting that we commission a special product and dedicate it to our hater-stan … we love this idea. But what kind of spite-themed product would work best do you think? Best suggestion in comments we will find a way to make it happen 🙂

3 responses to “An Update: Our Hater Stan

  • Joe Adams

    A monster that feeds off hate. Creating by an ancient Chaos deity, it finds quiet ways to stoke the flames of outrage.

  • Shelby

    Stan should be an impotent villainous NPC who has no talent, and can only buy the work of others and then try and claim credit for it himself. He is bitter and spiteful and petty and spends his time trying to make those he is jealous of look bad.
    PS can’t you show the OBS people this crap, have them look him up, and ban him?

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