Armageddons Are Non-Fungible, part 3

Over the past couple of days we have been sharing some of the winning entries in our recent “Nyarlathotep’s Favorite Things” competition (aka that thing where we asked people to invent cool Post-Apocalypse settings brought about by NFTs and the Cthulhu Mythos).

Today we are THRILLED to be presenting the entry by Alonso Aguilar that our judges awarded FIRST PLACE. For his troubles, we’ve sent Alonso two hardback books — a copy of the APOCTHULHU Core Rulebook and a copy of its scenario anthology companion Terrible New Worlds.

We hope you enjoy Alonso’s entry (reproduced below in full) as much as we did! If you’d like to turn it into a setting for your own game of dystopian Post-Apocalyptic horror …? Heck, we won’t stop you!

The NFT Apocalypse … by Alonso Aguilar

There’s an auction happening. Nobody really knows what exactly is being offered, but that hasn’t been a problem before. The site does seem a little bit shady, at least for these kind things. A bidding form and an Ethereum value constantly going up.

Nobody really knows what the initial asking price was. Everyone that’s in this mentions a different sum. Some started bidding a week ago, some a month ago. Some even say they’ve been bidding for a year. But no one can stop. The thrill that comes from submitting that bid is like something no one has experienced before. Goosebumps, orgasm, a chill down your spine, the sensation of a spontaneous decline on a dodgy roller coaster… All happening at the same time. A brief epiphany of pure, unadulterated joy rapidly vanished by someone outbidding almost immediately.

Everyone I know is a part of this now. We haven’t gone out in weeks, waiting for the perfect moment for the final scoop. We take turns looking at the screen, omnipresent in its reddish glow. It isn’t a question of wanting, it’s a necessity. Something primal, even.

Lately we’ve heard some tremors coming from behind the door, but nobody I’ve spoken to knows what’s really going on. The news occasionally pop in the background with mumbles about “insurmountable damage” and “creaking from the skies”, “a worldwide phenomenon” and “the end of the social contract”. Nobody really knows anything about that, we’ve got bigger things to worry about.

The number of bids is now in the billions. The tremors have increased, and protests have started outside. I can hear their howls and hollerings beyond the door. Some of the other bidders have succumbed to the outcry, but that just means a better chance for the rest of us.

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