Armageddons Are Non-Fungible, part 2

Yesterday we shared the third-place entry in our recent competition to describe a dystopian future which somehow arose through the combination of cosmic Cthulhoid horrors and Non-Fungible Tokens.

Second place in the contest went to long-time friend of the Cthulhu Reborn blog, Tyler Hudak, who submitted an intriguing take on the NFT-Apocalypse (his entry is below). For his troubles, we sent Tyler a hardback copy of Terrible New Worlds, our first scenario anthology for the APOCTHULHU RPG.

We hope you enjoy Tyler’s nightmare vision of the future … who knows, you might even want to run a game there …

The NFT Apocalypse … by Tyler Hudak

In late 2021, the world was introduced to Ingress, a new blockchain that used one-tenth of the power needed by other blockchains. This allowed anyone to run the Ingress program, on any system, anywhere.

Ingress also allowed runners to automatically create unique images, or NFTs, iterating toward a final perfect image. Ingress founders stated that the runner who created the final image would win millions of dollars. People joined into teams, jokingly calling themselves “cults”, to run Ingress on devices worldwide.

In reality, Ingress was casting a ritual. When the program was run, a spell was cast that claimed a piece of the runner’s soul into the blockchain. The more souls taken by Ingress, the closer it came to its final goal – opening a gate to allow the Great Old One, V’ev’anox, to enter this world.

When the final image was created, the ritual completed and the gate was opened through the runners themselves. 70% of the world’s population were immediately consumed by the ritual. Another 20% were shortly destroyed by V’ev’anox and its unspeakable minions.

Years later, many attempt to survive but deal with warring cults and the indescribable horrors brought through the gate. Insane runners that survived the ritual continued their cults and took over power centers to run Ingress, keep the gate open, and V’ev’anox in this world. Non-runners have acquiesced to these cults and joined them to survive and keep their power on.

The cults are power hungry and hunt down those with any type of energy. To stay hidden from these cults, some communities have reverted to pre-industrial revolution ways. Other survivors, however, work to find a way to stop Ingress, free those trapped in the blockchain, close the gate, and return the world to humanity.

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