Armageddons Are Non-Fungible, part 1

Recently we ran a competition asking folks to pitch us their ideas for a Mythos-fuelled Apocalypse which somehow involved those real-world modern-day horrors: Non-Fungible Tokens.

Our judges were incredibly impressed by the diverse and imaginative entries we received; picking a pair of winners for the hardback books was certainly quite a challenge.

Narrowly missing out on the first and second prize was the entry below, submitted by Aaron Sinner. As a thank you, we decided to create a third prize (a PDF of the APOCTHULHU Core Rulebook) and award that to Aaron for his fine work!

We will be sharing the first and second place entries over the coming days … in the meantime, congratulations Aaron!

The NFT Apocalypse … by Aaron Sinner

The near future: Crypto enthusiast Valentin Dyatlov develops a computer virus engineered to wreak havoc upon the global financial sector, wiping out balances and mucking up records in order to demonstrate the folly of a centralized banking system. The ensuing distrust in financial institutions leads the populace to abandon banks en masse, moving their money into decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. Bank runs cause the implosion of major financial institutions, marking a point of no return.

Like the proverbial dog that caught the car, this mass migration to cryptocurrency poisons the system. Individuals shift their finances between different decentralized cryptocurrencies, chasing The New Hotness as they strive to become early adopters and capture the greatest financial reward. Rampant cycling between currencies creates substantial volatility in personal wealth —everyone’s personal fortunes are driven by precisely when they cash in and out of any particular currency.

The real consequence, however, is that the energy consumption required to sustain these decentralized currency networks is eating the planet. Energy costs soar, destabilizing the electrical grid and leading to rolling blackouts. Astronomical gas fees on every transaction grind commerce to a halt.

Into this wasteland enters the Mythos. Shoggoths leave the frozen wastes of Antarctica and exploit the blackouts, migrating under cover of darkness. Cults emerge worshipping The God of the Green Flame, a deity its devotees claim can provide ample energy in a world of power scarcity. No one is certain as to the veracity of their claims—and if true, what unintended consequences summoning The Green Flame might bring, or terms might undergird this devil’s bargain.

Mystery surrounds the fate of Valentin Dyatlov and his culpability in the world he created. Is he a misguided fanatic who unleashed a future he never envisioned? An unwitting stooge to greater forces? Or the mastermind behind this new world order?

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