Just Say It In Broken Aklo

Today we are pleased to announce the release of the FOURTH in our line of Cthulhu Eternal SRDs. This one covers the “Cold War Era”, broadly the period from the end of WW2 to the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. This is a period which some of us creakier old gamers remember quite well … perhaps with a sense of nostalgia, or perhaps with memories of the pervasive sense the world might just teeter into World War III.

The Cold War period is a time ripe for inserting cosmic horror. The world is already living in fear of imminent nuclear annihilation. The geopolitical situation throughout the world is one of paranoia, with nations using subterfuge to fight “proxy wars” and accusing their opponents of rampant spying. Into that brew of distrust, fear, and deception it is easy to sow the seeds of Mythos horror. Whether they are trained intelligence operatives digging to find the truth or everyday people stumbling onto it, it is easy to find ways for Protagonists to learn hints of the true history mankind wasn’t meant to know and can never comprehend.

Cthulhu Eternal Cold War Character Sheet

In preparing the Cthulhu Eternal Cold War SRD we’ve tried to keep things open enough that you COULD use these rules to make an espionage-thriller type of Cold War game, or you could dispense with all the cloak-and-dagger stuff and just go for some nostalgic 80s (or 70s or 60s or 50s) genre emulation. As with all these SRDs, the foundations are there, what you build on them is your call.

The Cthulhu Eternal Cold War SRD is available for download right now — as with all these titles, we’ve made it a free/Pay-What-You-Want release. Pick it up and use it to launch your gaming group back to the heady decades of the recent past … whether as shadowy spies in search of dangerous Mythos incursions, or just everyday folks caught up in things they cannot possibly fully understand …

“The air attack warning sounds like / this is the sound …”

3 responses to “Just Say It In Broken Aklo

  • Shelby

    Bless you folks. This is a great project, and including the Cold War is genius. I still have my copy of Berlin 61…

  • Shelby

    Oh by the way, were you planning to do a fantasy version as well?

    • deanadelaide

      Hmm … well we definitely do have plans for a Medieval version of Cthulhu Eternal (Chad Bowser of CDA fame insists we make one so he can publish some scenarios he has lying around gathering dust).

      We’ve also got some plans for a more concrete setting that fuses historical context with some Dreamlands-y stuff, but that will need to wait for a future announcement 🙂

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