APOCTHULHU in Hungarian & An Unboxing

We recently signed the first deal to have APOCTHULHU translated and published in other languages. We couldn’t be more excited — we’ve had other Cthulhu Reborn titles republished before, but never have we seen our work in Hungarian!

APOCTHULHU Quickstart in Hungarian

Kaland Horizont, the company who is bringing our humble game to a Hungarian audience is already well advanced on translating the APOCTHULHU Quickstart … and is actually probably already hard at work on the core rulebook. If you are a Hungarian speaker, definitely check out their Facebook page for updates!

Terrible New Worlds Gets Unboxed

APOCTHULHU Terrible New Worlds has now been available in print for a month or so, long enough that we are starting to hear back from excited fans who have received their hardcover or softcover books.

Andy Miller (aka MaxWriter) is a long-time friend of Cthulhu Reborn. He recently posted a great video showing him unboxing his Terrible New Worlds hardcover and flipping through the entire book. If you’ve been curious to see what our latest tome of terror looks like in physical form … you could do a lot worse than checking out Andy’s 6 minute summation:

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