Terrible New Worlds: Out in PDF

Today we are delighted to be able to announce that our latest APOCTHULHU book, Terrible New Worlds, has slithered into the world in PDF form. It is a supplement which brings together four chunky Lovecraftian Post-Apocalypse campaigns, each set in their own distinct near-future dystopia. We’ve had the pleasure of working with a great team of writers on this project, and we’re absolutely thrilled by the diverse and imaginative takes they have imagined for a Mythos-fuelled “end of the world.”

The PDF is available right now on DriveThruRPG. There’s also a lot more information about each of the four campaigns/settings over on the DTRPG product page.

APOCTHULHU: Terrible New Worlds is a 256-page book, but in addition to the core title we have included separate scenario resource packs for each of the four campaigns. These collect the handouts, maps, and other key reference material into a stand-alone PDF for easy use. The DTRPG bundle also includes a separate ZIP file which compiles the same resource material in isolated files — JPGs for the images, RTFs for text handouts — to make it easier to incorporate into a VTT game.

As well as all that bundled goodness, we have also made still more resource material available for these campaigns over on the APOCTHULHU Support Page, here on the CR blog. There you’ll find higher-resolution versions of resources plus fillable autocalc sheets for all pre-gens included with the campaigns.

We certainly plan to follow-up this PDF release with a print version of the book, but that will necessarily need to be later in the year. We’re looking into ways to make a POD release affordable for our customers, many of whom were dismayed (as were we!) by DTRPG’s huge price increases back in July. Watch this space for an announcement in the coming months!

Until then … we welcome your Survivors to venture forth into one of these Terrible New Worlds … if they dare!

3 responses to “Terrible New Worlds: Out in PDF

  • spookymizu

    Dean, I tend to get physical copies of things like this. Do you give coupons to folks who buy the pdf before the hard copies?

    Thanks! It looks fantastic!

    • deanadelaide

      Hey Spooky, the coupon thing is something I have been thinking about. We did exactly that for the APOC core rules and it was kind of messy to run and not that many people used it … so, we might go that route or maybe something a bit different.

      Regardless of that, though, I’m happy for any serial friends of the blog (that includes you, for sure) to contact me directly and we can sort out a more informal way of achieving the same end.

  • spookymizu

    I find your terms acceptable! Can’t wait to see this physically! 😉

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