Terrible New World: Shadow Apocalypse

We recently announced that the next title in our APOCTHULHU line is an anthology of four mini-campaigns, titled “Terrible New Worlds”. It is looking like it’ll be ready for an August release (fingers crossed).

The first of the mini-campaigns in the anthology is “A Small Price” by Dave Sokolowski. To whet your appetite for this nifty adventure, I’m happy to share some (spoiler free) notes about the unusual Post-Apocalyptic world that Dave has wrought.

This rather original “Shadow Apocalypse” was briefly sketched out in the APOCTHULHU core book, but is really brought to life in the mini-campaign.

Scenario Splash Page

“A Small Price” is an APOCTHULHU campaign set in a Post-Apocalyptic version of the United States where civilization has crumbled, and the world has become shrouded in an unearthly and impenetrable cloud. Day and night are now both tainted by a perpetual dull charcoal sky.

The cause for this terrible downfall stems from a great calamity five years ago. Hundreds of simultaneous explosions — occurring across every continent — spewed dirt up into the sky. But that was the least of their impacts. Those same explosions brought forth terrifying Shadow-wraith creatures, millions of them. When they arrived, these strange entities mostly lurked within normal shadows … but they also can seep into people’s bodies, possessing them utterly.

One of the scenario illustrations by the awesome Anna Helena Szymborska

The world that is left behind is a shattered ruin of its former self. But the Shadows are still here … in fact, each year they seem to multiply. Some believe that it is the Shadows’ destiny to finally exterminate humankind from the face of the planet. But for now, there are small pockets of humanity scattered throughout the world that have survived their ravages. Some form nomadic groups which try to stay one step ahead of the poisonous touch of the Shadow. Other groups have hidden themselves in secure shelters where they are protected from the entities. There they eke out a meagre living … living forever in fear, always watching closely the shadows around them.

The campaign revolves around one such sanctuary, where a small and highly insular community is working hard to try to understand — and maybe overcome — the threat posed by the Shadows. When the Survivors encounter this curious community, they discover that some of the biggest challenges to survival can be those created not through external horrors but from inter-personal rivalries and conflicts.

Cartography by Dean Engelhardt

“A Small Price” is designed for 3–6 players and offers a mixture of survival horror, research, and diplomacy. It takes inspiration from both Clark Ashton Smith and Ira Levin and requires cleverness and a strong survival instinct in order to navigate the myriad threats that lie around every corner.

More sneak previews of the mini-campaigns in “Terrible New Worlds” to come …

5 responses to “Terrible New World: Shadow Apocalypse

  • Perry Tatman

    Will this be available for POD?

    • deanadelaide

      Hi Perry,

      Yes, we will definitely be making print copies of this book. We are still looking into the most cost effective way of doing this (given that DTRPG/Lightning Source have priced themselves considerably higher for full-colour books). I’ll announce details here … but the PDF release — probably less than a week away (!) will precede the release of physical copies.

      • Perry Tatman

        Please please please keep me in the loop regarding print copies. What about Lulu?

      • deanadelaide

        I’ll definitely be posting LOTS of stuff here on the blog about how/where the print copies of this book can be obtained. LULU is definitely an option we’ll be looking into — they have also recently announced a price increase, although only about 8.5% which is much better than what Lightning Source/DTRPG rolled out (which was more like a 30% increase!). LULU’s print quality has generally been superior for projects we’ve run with them previously, so that is in their favor too. Obviously they are not integrated at all with DTRPG though, which makes it harder for customers who mostly shop for their gaming stuff there.

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