Another Great APOCTHULHU Review

Paul StJohn Mackintosh is an RPG reviewer extraordinaire … and someone we sent a copy of the APOCTHULHU core book.

Suffice it to say that we were delighted by the complimentary things he had to say about our game.

Paul particularly calls out the detailed setting based on William Hope Hodgson’s novel “The Night Land” as a high-point of the core PDF, and we’d have to agree. Working with Kevin Ross, who wrote this awesome adaptation of Hodgson’s ideas to the gaming format, we were constantly impressed by the evocative “gameability” of this far-future Post-Apocalypse.

In Paul’s words:

Hodgson’s immensely distant sunless dreamscape, ruled by nightmare presences that besiege humanity’s last redoubt, was a formative influence on Lovecraft, but has remained very underused by RPG designers, no least because of the original novel’s turgid prose. Consequently, Apocthulhu and Kevin Ross are performing a real service to the horror RPG audience by disinterring Hodgson’s creations and framing them in such a well-proven, flexible system.

(from the review)

Most readers here have probably already checked out the APOCTHULHU RPG (either the core PDF, or the Pay-What-You-Want Quickstart) to see if it’s their gaming “cup-of-tea” … but if you’re undecided about it, maybe give Paul’s review a read and see if that helps.

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