This Week in the Apocalypse

APOCTHULHU is continuing to get a lot of attention — from us, of course, but also from a few other folks.

Earlier this week, Michael Fryda reviewed the APOCTHULHU core book and Quickstart on his YouTube reviews channel. Obviously the visuals show only the physical Quickstart book, since the full rulebook is still PDF-only (for a short while anyway). His review narration talks about both books … and is very thorough. The video runs to 32 minutes.

Also this week, Teilzeit Helden a German-language gaming magazine published an online review for APOCTHULHU which is similarly thorough (albeit in German, obviously). If you can read German, you can see the review here — it’s a great piece which looks at the ways in which APOCTHULHU differs from previous games and the ways in which it keeps up the well-worn heritage of Lovecraftian investigative games.

In terms of other news … there are a couple of other things worth mentioning:

  • We’ve just finished up creating the print master files for the APOCTHULHU core book; in fact we sent them off to the printer today. Before you get excited about books going on sale immediately, I should stress that it usually takes a month at least for print proofs to be created and mailed around the world … and all that has to happen before we can safely put books on sale. But, things are proceeding to plan so far.
  • APOCTHULHU will receive it’s (AFAIK) online convention premiere this weekend when superstar author and John Mellencamp fanboy Chad Bowser runs his Quickstart scenario for ConVocation, the YSDC-affiliated convention. I will be there and try to report on each and every bad Mellencamp pun that he throws into the game. My twitter finger might get tired … 🙂

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