APOCTHULHU Quickstart in Print!

Quite a number of people have asked us about softcover print editions of the APOCTHULHU Quickstart — so we have created such a beast. In fact we’ve created two versions — a glossy full-colour interior softcover book and a sparser (“old school”) B&W interior version. The former is for folks who like lots of colour and graphics; the latter is for old curmudgeonly Cthulhu gamers who like the classic-era look to their books.

The two different versions are available via different platforms:

The best way to appreciate the difference between the two editions is to show an interior view of the same page in both:

We hope that folks who’ve been tempted by the PWYW PDF version of the Quickstart and found it of value might consider buying it in print. If you are one of the folks who very generously paid a generous PWYW fee for the PDF, we may be able to arrange a discount on the print version to reward your kindness (drop me an email: feedback<at> cthulhureborn.com).

Unrelated to the Quickstart, we’re still pushing ahead at full speed to finish up the full version of the APOCTHULHU core rules — which will be a 332 page tome — with a view towards releasing it in PDF next month. Fingers crossed.

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