First Review of APOCTHULHU QS

The first review of the APOCTHULHU Quickstart rules was just published over on the Rolling Boxcars blog. It’s a bit of a mixed review (some pros and some cons), and definitely worth a read.

The TL;DR summary is that the reviewer generally praises the game’s rules and the presentation of the Quickstart, but is less sure whether the idea of a game blending horrors of Mythos encounters with everyday grimness of Post-Apocalyptic survival is something for everyone.

Of course we are also keen to hear what you folks, our loyal readers, think of the game … and whether you think that the central concept is TOO dark and gritty for your gaming group to enjoy. Drop a comment below if you have an opinion.

4 responses to “First Review of APOCTHULHU QS

  • Jeremy E

    I just picked it up today but will give you my thoughts as soon as I can a chance to read it over.

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  • richardlock66

    I thought the review was predominantly positive. There’s no doubt that something like this is going to appeal to some but not others and that’s just how the chips fall when you’re aiming for something very specific. For my group it’ll be right up our alley because we’ve all been through The Final Revelation and Cthulhu Apocalypse for ToC and enjoyed very bloody hopeless minute of both. So, by the time the main Apocthulhu book arrives we’ll be starving for some more grim.

  • twcrone

    So having read some of the Cthulhu Apocalypse stuff, I think I like where this is going better. I’m only partway through the quickstart scenario, but so far, its more the type of stuff I would expect to run in ANY apoc setting.

    • deanadelaide

      Thanks twcrone … we do love Pelgrane’s “Cthulhu Apocalypse” a lot, but our aims with APOCTHULHU are a little bit different. The Apocalypse Machine material in the Pelgrane book(s), though, is excellent for build-your-own-Apocalypses and gets cited in our core book as a great resource that GMs should track down and buy.

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