APOCTHULHU Creeps Closer

Back in February we spent some time sharing sneak peaks at some of the content for APOCTHULHU, a brand new RPG that we’ve been working on for … er … quite a long time (we started back in 2017, but that seems a lifetime ago).

Since February, everyone’s lives have been a bit of a jumble, but our plucky APOCTHULHU team has kept moving forwards on finalizing text and graphics for the first release in the product line — the APOCTHULHU Quickstart rules. All going well, this should be out within the next month.

Recently we completed the cover design for the Quickstart. Here it is:

Most of the layout for the Quickstart has now been done, so I can say with some confidence that it will be a 72-page book and contain:

  • A cutdown (but fully-featured) version of the APOCTHULHU game rules,
  • A nifty two-page character sheet,
  • Six pre-generated APOCTHULHU Survivors (complete with full character sheets),
  • A sample Post-Apocalypse setting — actually one that we shared here on the blog back in February
  • An awesome introductory scenario by Chad Bowser

Here’s a sneak preview at one of the pages that’s gone through almost-but-not-quite-final layout. As you can see we have tried as hard as we can to make the books in the APOCTHULHU line visually pleasing while retaining high contrast between text and background.

The Quickstart will be released first as a PDF, then later as a softcover Print-on-Demand book. We’re cautious about promising timely turnaround of physical books at this point — based on how long international shipping is taking, we expect print proofs to take their sweet time getting to us for review.

For the PDF we will be supporting PDF layering which means you can easily switch off glossy background textures altogether (if the classic look is more your thing).

Finally, because everyone seems to have to put together promo videos for their new game to be taken seriously, here’s our first experiment at video promotion. This really is just an audio-visual teaser … but we will be creating another video or two which melds similar snazzy visuals with some voice-overs that tell you actual things about the game! Facts in ads? There’s something wrong with me, I know!


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