Convict News Muster

We have been a bit quiet on the news front here on the CR blog, but be assured that there’s still a whole bunch of work being done to create new content for all our established lines, and also to put together brand new settings as well.

Convicts & Cthulhu has been cruising along with small “pay-what-you-want” releases for quite a while. We released a small supplement earlier this year … but I was recently reminded by Geoff Gillan (C&C creator and principal writer) that an important date is fast approaching. Yes, that’s right: on May 30 it will be exactly 3 years since the original C&C book was published. Since then we’ve added reams of content — thirteen Ticket of Leave scenario/setting supplements and a couple of Muster (NPC) supplements as well.

We are also currently working on a 14th Ticket of Leave — to be written by Matthew Ruane and also run by him in two sessions at GenCon 2019. Both sessions are already sold out. By releasing his convention scenario, we’ll be able to help dozens more C&C groups also enjoy his scenario … so everyone wins (except perhaps the investigators who will probably be driven inexorably insane)! There are also vaguer plans for a 15th Ticket of Leave as well.

Despite these upcoming planned releases for C&C, Geoff & I both agree that it wouldn’t be fitting to skip over our “third birthday” without giving some kind of Convict-related gift to all the wonderful people who have downloaded and played our stuff. So, we are going to do something a little different — a document prop pack.

This pack will feature period-realistic versions of some of the key documents which your investigators might run into as clues relating to convicts within the colony. The convict docs will be released as both fillable PDF forms and also high-quality flat images which you can print and write on. And as an added bonus, this pack will also include a blank fillable template for the one-page Sydney Gazette (the one and only “newspaper” printed in the colony).

This pack will be released on May 30 … but the montage image above will hopefully whet your appetite and get you thinking about ways you might weave these beautiful and historically-realistic prop documents into you games of Convicts & Cthulhu!



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