4 responses to “Six Ways To Use (or Abuse) the News for Clues

  • Dateline: Lovecraft Released! | Cthulhu Reborn

    […] those who missed the earlier posts (link1, link2) describing what Dateline: Lovecraft is all about, here’s a kind of capsule […]

  • Perry Tatman

    Do you have plans to use the Dateline Lovecraft newspaper as containing vital clues to scenarios set in future timelines?

    • deanadelaide

      The idea of using pieces of Dateline: Lovecraft as resources for games set decades after the 1920s (maybe even in modern-day) is touched upon in the Guidebook that comes with the core DL product. In that sense we’ve definitely considered that to be an option for exploiting in follow-on supplements.

      What we cover (assuming we raise the funds to do so) will depend mostly on the writers we commission. If someone has a great idea for a modern scenario then we will definitely publish it. Same goes for game system: while I imagine that many writers will want to contribute scenarios for BRP-based systems, we’re open to others as well.

      It’s probably worth cryptically mentioning that the core Dateline: Lovecraft newspaper has several “easter egg” type clues that are quite subtly woven into the newspaper — waiting for clever people to discover. One of those specifically relates to an idea that I’d like to develop for a multi-part scenario which skips across decades, and ends in a version of the Mythos post-Apocalype: but those are plans for a possible future rather than a definite one.

  • Perry Tatman

    Many thanks for a great answer. Looking forward to printing the newspaper in A3

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