7 responses to “Extra! Extra! Dateline: Lovecraft coming soon!

  • Shelby

    I might find this even more useful if I could modify the entries. Keep the framework and layout and typefaces, but let me change a date, or a name, or a street address. Or even replace one article by typing in my own text.

    • deanadelaide

      Have you checked out our newspaper prop toolkit PDF, “Mutable Deceptions”? (released a few years back and still on RPGNow: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/110812/Mutable-Deceptions-Vol-1-Jazz-Age-Newspapers)

      That kit is 100% editable templates for newspaper articles and has the same look and feel we are going for in Dateline: Lovecraft.

      For this new product, though, part of the point of the product will be providing a set of fixed articles and other content, since if sales are good enough we would like to commission writers to create some free add-on scenarios that riff on specific items in the newspaper prop, expanding them out into scenario sketches or similar.

      I do agree that the idea of customizing things to your group is awesome, though. Hopefully the combination of the older PDF toolkit and the new product will allow for someone to mix & match to largely achieve that result.

      • Shelby

        I had been unaware of Mutable Deceptions, and just purchased it. It looks handy, but since it just makes single articles as handouts it’s not quite as cool as I’d hoped. Nevertheless, it’s handy to have. I hope at some point you’ll have a full-page newspaper that’s writeable. But good luck with Dateline: Lovercraft.

      • deanadelaide

        You’re not the only person who has suggested such a thing, so it’s definitely something we will look at as a potential future project.

        In the meantime, we hope you get some good use out of Mutable Deceptions and consider picking up Dateline: Lovecraft when it comes out.

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