ENnies: Vote for Cool Props

As many readers would be aware, it is once again that time of year — the time when the tabletop RPG industry holds its de facto vote, the ENnies, for the best products of the past year.

Hawkins Papers - Flash Messages 01-06 montage

While there aren’t any Cthulhu Reborn products in the running (maybe next year?!) … if you’re a CR supporter you *can* still vote for us, sort of. One of the products that has been nominated in the category of Best Supplement is Pelgrane Press’ “The Hawkins Papers”. Readers with a good memory might remember this product — it’s a prop-based add-on to the uber-successful “Dracula Dossier” Kickstarter (for the Gumshoe vampires-and-high-tech-espionage RPG Night’s Black Agents). It’s been mentioned here because Pelgrane hired Cthulhu Reborn to design all the props for this package.

You can see a sampling of the items we created for our friends at Pelgrane — along with some additional info — over on this page.

If you love detailed period prop-designs and would like to see RPG publishers include more of it in their future projects, I hope you would consider casting your Ennies vote the way of The Hawkins Papers. You can vote here.

Hawkins Papers - Quake Notes (card montage)

While you’re there you will also find other cool Cthulhu-related products that have been nominated. Pelgrane has a bunch (in fact, so many that they created a special ENnies sampler where you can see bits of all of their nominated products, including “The Hawkins Papers”). The Modiphius folks have also scored a few nominations for their Achtung! Cthulhu campaign “Shadows of Atlantis” … and Cubicle 7 have also been nominated for their Cthulhu Britannica: London box set.

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