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Wow … Convicts & Cthulhu has proven to be a much more popular title than I could ever have hoped. For the first few days after its release it held the top spot in RPGNow’s “hottest product” list … and five weeks later it is still lurking in that list (currently at #13). All-in-all something like 700 copies have now been sold, with generous folks using the “Pay-What-You-Want” feature to donate a few hundred dollars towards the upkeep of Cthulhu Reborn.

We are both delighted and humbled by the success of this book … and in particular by the generosity of folks who have chipped in some of their hard-earned cash.

Armed with the success of the base Convicts & Cthulhu book I have been lobbying hard to get Geoff Gillan to write some additional material for the setting. Despite the fact that he is a very busy novelist and freelance scenario-writer (not to mention has a busy day job), I have been able to secure a little bit of his time for elaborating the setting.

Australian Aeons Illo #D1.1

At the moment, the plan is to release a small number of 3-4 page free PDFs which expand upon Convicts & Cthulhu in some way. We’re calling these bite-sized chunks of C&C goodness “Tickets-of-Leave.” The manuscript for the first “Ticket-of-Leave” is already written and awaiting layout and art … so hopefully there should be an announcement of its availability soon.

I am also hoping to have an announcement soon on print-copies of the original Convicts & Cthulhu book.

BTW: on the off chance that you’re reading this but *haven’t* already grabbed yourself a copy of the original Convicts & Cthulhu PDF, you can do so over on RPGNow.

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