Convicts Being Released Soon

Thanks to everyone who got in touch about our announcement for our next freebie PDF product, Convicts & Cthulhu. It seems that even despite the setting (Australia’s early colonial prisons) not necessarily being something too familiar to everyone, people can see the potential for this grim setting to work as the backdrop for a Lovecraftian campaign or scenario. That certainly matches the experiences of playtesters who have found the historical darkness and debauchery of the setting serves as a convenient and believable “camouflage” for all sorts of cult and otherworldly manifestations.

As of today, Convicts & Cthulhu has officially entered layout; it also has a cover — see below.

Conivcts & Cthulhu - Draft Cover v2

The text of Convicts & Cthulhu runs a little over 50,000 words and includes a mountain of historical info, lots of ideas for Cthulhu Mythos manifestations and worshippers in the colony, six detailed plot seeds (each with three variant versions) and a fully-fledged introductory scenario. Plus there will be custom CoC 7th Edition character sheets (actually these are already designed). All-up we’re guessing that the sourcebook will be about 64 pages brimming with convict-era horrors, and it will be available free of charge here on the blog or via RPGNow. We are currently aiming for a release in early June … in the lead up to that, however, I am hoping to post a number of “sneak peeks” here on Cthulhu Reborn, to help you decide whether you want to download Convicts & Cthulhu when it hits the streets (we obviously hope you will!)


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