Gumbo Cthulhu: The Goblin’s Secret Recipe

It’s been pretty quiet here on Cthulhu Reborn … but as usual that isn’t a sign that we’re not working hard on Lovecraftian project but rather a sign that we’re TOO busy to find time to blog. Right now CR is working hard on multiple projects for Chaosium, something for Sixtystone and a project for Golden Goblin Press. On top of that we’ve been working in the background on some freebie projects for release here … and hope to make a big announcement on that front soon.

For now, though, I thought I would post a bit of information about the various commercial projects that will feature art or writing from us … starting with the excellent Tales of The Crescent City by Oscar Rios’ Golden Goblin Press.

Most folks would probably already know that Cthulhu Reborn was lucky enough to be involved with designing handouts/props for Golden Goblin Press’ first book, Island of Ignorance (which can be seen here … and downloaded in deluxe high-res format for free). Working on that book was a great experience, not least because the whole team — and Oscar in particular — was so damn enthusiastic and so devoted to making every aspect of the book the best it could POSSIBLY be. Ultimately that enthusiasm not only created an impressive book (which went on to win an award as Best Adventure published in 2013) but delivered it pretty much exactly to the original schedule. This is a feat which few Kickstarter projects EVER manage … and I’m very proud to have been a (small) part of the team which achieved it!

Obviously not content to rest on his laurels, Oscar is back again with a second Kickstarter, this time seeking to publish a book of scenarios set in 1920s New Orleans. And once again Cthulhu Reborn has been asked to contribute most of the handouts (some samples below).

Crescent City - Blood Lines 3a - French Journal from 1740s CTales of the Crescent City looks set to be another great book, and a project that I am very excited to be involved with for several reasons. For one, it takes as its template one of my favourite Call of Cthulhu scenario collections of recent years — Miskatonic River Press’ Tales of the Sleepless City. But maybe the biggest drawcard for me is that the New Orleans book revists one of my all-time favourite scenarios (by one of my all-time favourite writers): Kevin Ross’ 1989 adventure “Tell Me, Have You Seen The Yellow Sign.” Not only has Oscar somehow coaxed Kevin into writing a sequel adventure to this classic scenario of decadence and depravity, but as as stretch goal (already unlocked) he has arranged for Kevin to revise and remix the original scenario as well!

Crescent City - Blood Lines 2 - Family Tree E2 creasedI am really looking forward to really sinking my teeth into handout design for Tales of the Crescent City over the next couple of weeks … but in the meantime, the Kickstarter itself still has a few days to run (at the time I write this). So, if you are at all interested in Lovecraftian scenarios set on the crumbling streets and haunted environs of New Orleans … I’d suggest you definitely consider backing the project. While it funded within hours of going live, there are still additional stretch goals that will add even more scenarios … and that’s something that benefits all backers (including me! :-))

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