“What Happens in Vegas”

As I’ve mentioned here on the blog before, over the past couple of years I have been invited by several different game publishers to produce designs for handouts/props for future releases. Most of these books have yet to see the light of day … but yesterday one of them crawled free from its musty tomb and went on sale to the Cthulhu-loving public.

I’m talking about Sixtystone Press’ book “Lost in the Lights” (by Jeff Moeller). It’s for sale now as a PDF over on DrivethruRPG — a printed book will be released in the second-half of this year.

This is a pretty cool book, and something quite different from your run-of-the-mill Call of Cthulhu investigative romp through New England. While it still retains all the best elements of the classic Cthulhuoid investigation, it transplants them to modern-day Las Vegas … or more correctly the literary/movie version of modern-day Las Vegas. So, there’s lots of glitz, glamour, Elvis impersonators, and opportunities for insanely-convoluted heists. But behind the gaudy facade there lies some really repulsive horrors … so, even if it is in lurid Technicolor, you know it’s still good-ol Call of Cthulhu.

My own role on this book was to design most of the handouts … which was actually no mean feat (indeed it was one of the most challenging projects I’ve undertaken). Jeff had some neat ideas about using modern electronic means of delivering clues — so there’s text messages, web pages, wikipedia entries … and video clips. The last of these alone took forever to create — after all you can’t just go out and find stock images of a Hazmat team romping through Las Vegas’s Greyhound bus depot; these things need to be built up as a Photoshop montage of found elements. In the end I also added in some original photographs of my own (by lurking around my local bus depot with a camera, doubtlessly looking very suspicious).

LitL Handouts Montage

I can’t show all the handouts here — you’ll need to go buy the book to get those. Or even better, buy the interactive PDF version of the handouts which lets you tweak some aspects of the dates/times/TV logos on the handouts to help customize them to your game. Above, I have put together a montage of SOME of the handout images that I contributed to Lost in the Lights (click for a larger version). I hope those that buy this great book enjoy my small contribution … and that players everywhere will enjoy the realism that I’ve tried to bring to the handouts, even if they do get creeped out when they recognize their local bus depot 🙂

One response to ““What Happens in Vegas”

  • Mark

    I’ve just bought this adventure and I’ve got to say the handouts and in fact the whole book in general have been really impressive. (The news reports in particular)
    Well worth getting as Vegas is just the perfect setting for a modern Cthulhu game.
    Looking forward to seeing what Sixtystone press and yourself bring out next.

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