2012: The Year in Re-Blog

So, as 2012 comes to a close, I guess it’s worth reflecting a little bit about another year of CthulhuReborn.

It’s actually been a remarkably busy year … although most of the great stuff that has been completed in our hidden digital publishing sweatshop (hidden high up on the Plateau of Leng) hasn’t yet found its way to a screen or a page near you. Why’s that? Well … although CthulhuReborn did manage to put out two sizeable scenarios as freebie PDFs — one as a limited-run test print as well — most of the design and writing I’ve done in 2012 has been for commercial projects, none of which have yet to be released.

Freebie PDFs

In case you missed  it earlier in the year, 2012 saw Cthulhu Reborn release the following great scenarios — each released as a glossy-layout PDF overflowing with handouts:

As an experiment, a very limited quantity of professional prints were made of The Past Is Doomed — some were sent to folks who have helped out CthulhuReborn over the years, others were traded to gamers and other Lovecraft enthusiasts … I hope those who received these nifty books enjoyed them: I thought they turned out really well.

Stuff for Other Folks

Although I can’t really say anything much about any of the projects individually, Cthulhu Reborn was busy for much of 2012 undertaking handout design for a few Call of Cthulhu licensees for use in their upcoming projects. The montage below shows just a fraction of the designs that are eagerly awaiting the completion of four-or-five upcoming books:

2012 Unreleased Sampler Montage

Coming in 2013

There are still lots of things in the works, as part of books to be released for free here on CthulhuReborn, as well as contributions to upcoming books. In addition to all the artwork mentioned above, I’ve also got writing contributions which will (hopefully) grace the pages of commercial releases in 2013. I am particularly excited about a contribution I put forward to a certain as-yet-unnamed book of Gaslight scenarios, which looks like it may make it to print. That will be a very nifty thing to see make it to the light of day.

I also have a bunch of ideas for things to make the CthulhuReborn a more interesting place to visit (and hopefully one that is more frequently updated). Stay tuned for some further announcements a little further down the track.

Last Words

I’ll leave you with a glimpse at the very last artwork I completed for 2012, a 3D lighthouse schematic for a Mark Morrison scenario which has been in the works for some time. It’s called The Shadows Over Lulworth — and, er, it features a lighthouse. Mark’s original map sketch from 1983 (left) was hand-drawn; my version (right) is the first real experiment I’ve done with 3D … it sort of works, but some stuff was way harder than it should have been …

Anyway. All the best for a squamous 2013.

MMorrison Map of Beacon Tower

Lulworth Map - Portland Bill 3D redlight 2 crease

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