Squamous But True: Collateral Damage

Typical investigators in Lovecraftian RPG scenarios have a habit of deploy some pretty .. ahem .. drastic problem solving methods. Have you ever wondered why none of the after-effects (or collateral damage) from their exploits never end up in the newspaper?

As this real-world news clipping from 1921 shows … there are plenty of things that sure sound like Cthulhuoid investigators at work:

Exhibit E: News article from August 9, 1921




PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Sweeping down Narragansett Bay with its machine gun spraying the water with a rain of bullets, an unidentified airplane this afternoon riddled and nearly sunk a launch containing five people and severely wounded a girl passenger.

Failing to observe frantic signals from the boat, the plane sped on its way. With the boat sinking and the girl in danger from loss of blood the launch party traveled eight miles to shore to reach medical assistance. The wounded girl is Grace Buxton, 24, of Oakland Beach, near this city.

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