Virtual Horror Made Real

Most readers of Cthulhu Reborn will be well aware of the many and varied PDF goodies that have been released on this site, including several full-colour glossy scenarios (usually overflowing with handouts). If you don’t know what I’m referring to, scoot over to the downloads page and you’ll quickly see what I’m on about.

For a little while I have been wondering what some of the virtual horrors I have created would look if they were ever translated across to physical (print) form. To satisfy this curiosity I recently had a very small number of “promo only” professionally printed copies made of the biggest, glossiest layout that I’ve released here — Geoff Gillan’s “The Past Is Doomed”

I’m really pleased with the way these turned out, so thought I’d share a few photos here on the blog.

A bundle of horror, fresh from the printers

Internal Page Layouts

The book, covered in handouts

The biggest and most ornate of the handouts: the infamous “Dust Jacket”

These digitally printed booklets were create using more-or-less the same layouts as are available here for free on Cthulhu Reborn … so if you really like what you see, it’s probably possible for you to create something similar yourself. Of course you *may* need to spend quite a bit of time printing up newspaper props on grungy paper, scrunching them up, then flattening them out … just to achieve that authentic prop newspaper look. But then, hey, join the club 🙂

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